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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Mom loves Sergio!!! 4 Eva!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sergio and Family, just wanted to say we missed you, your Mom and Sis today at XStream.

This was a different cleanup this year at Credit Island, we didn't do the bikepath to waterfront like ususal, so we didn't get the really special trash we all know and love :-}. Because of the flooding we did more tree/veg removal but still found a few tires and somebody's wallet (turned into PD). Anyway we cleaned on Credit Island, the actual Island itself. Lots of downed limbs and such.

But, Rick on the other hand, had a site donated to him (or more like volunteered to him, (don't look at me :-}, sorry rick)) at Floral Lane in our neck of the woods... Anyway, last count was between 240 and 300 tires. They had 3 6ft tires, imagine a tire bigger than most of us. They had the really trashy site, but its all fun.

I finally figured out one of the older gents that comes and helps each year, actually comes from Maquoketa, he enjoys the park and takes pride in helping it out. Very Cool.

Anyway, haven't checked the carepage yet. Hope you have had your chance to get home and will talk to all in the near future.

Keep that fabuluos smile.

I didn't spell check, hope I didn't do too bad :-}.

Rick, Robbin, Mitchell and Megan