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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sorry we didn't get an update posted yesterday. It was a busy day.
Tuesday and Wednesday were good. Sergio got plateletts again yesterday but tolerated them well. We are on the really boring part of our stay now. He has to take meds and wait for his blood counts to come back up. Somedays I feel like this waiting should be able to be done at home but I understand that his counts are so low, home is dangerous for him now. Just can be frustrating. Hopefully we will be going home in the next 10 days or so. Have to wait for his counts to come up before he can have the port put in.
Kathy, Sarah, and Alicia came on Tuesday and stayed for most of the day. It was fun! We played Phase 10, had an italian feast, laughed and just had fun. It was a blast!! Almost made us forget where we are and why.... of course they brought stuff for us. The coolest thing is a remote control bug called N.S.E.C.T. and it actually shoots little foam missiles.... Sergio played with it again until the battery went out!
Stone, Sterlin, and their mom Lissa came up yesterday. These are Sergio's friends from the neighborhood. It was nice to see him smile like that and they wanted to stay the night. Misty and Greg came up last night too. It was nice to see them also.
McKenzey stayed the night on Tuesday with us and hung out all day yesterday here. It was fun to snuggle with her and love on her and then play yesterday. Although we didn't play as much as I had hoped cause I need to work when I can. And yesterday was a good day for that! So, I didn't sleep much on Tuesday night cause I kept waking up worried about her not being covered, smelling her hair, and just looking at her. I miss that little baby!
On Sunday there is a cleaning party happening at our house. My mom is gonna come sit with Sergio so I can go home and help. I really need to feel like I am making a contribution to all of this and so far I don't. So, I am gonna do some physical labor at home and SHOWER at home too!! Then come back up here. I hope it works out! I would love to go home and help make our house healthier for all of us and especially for Sergio.
The benefit plans seem to be going well, although I don't know much as things are being kept from me. It is going to be on October 4th from 4-10 at the Eagles Club on Locust in Davenport. Thanks to everyone who is helping with this! Our family greatly appreciates it!! I am hoping to get some small assignments so I can help with that too. And I REALLY hope that Sergio and I are home to attend!! From my estimation based on how things are going so far, we should be. He may have to wear a mask but time will tell.
Sorry for the long posting and missing yesterday! Have a great day!
Sergio and Melissa


Susan Z said...

I must vote no for the mohawk--but she could go for a short hair cut in support!

My name is Susan and I am a friend of your mom's. I have two boys--a senior and sophomore in High School. They have begun classes already and are suitably complaining about their homework--already!!

Take care

Bethanie3311 said...

10 Days!!!!!!! That is exciting! What time is the cleaning party on Sunday? We have a family reunion to go to at noon but I would love to skip out early and come help out. Let me know if you can use the extra help and what time.

Sergio Acuahuitl said...


We are starting early and working late. I will be there between 11-12, I think. Will wait for mom to get here without her having to get up too early... You can enjoy your reunion!! Sounds like fun! Or you can come hang out, either way!

See ya soon!